How to measure yourself.

We have lots of our customers contact us for help taking their measurements. As the advice we give is always the same, we thought it might be easier just to leave our little guide here for you...

How to Measure Yourself (hint: it's easier with a friend!)

BUST – Stand evenly with feet slightly apart, arms by your sides & looking straight ahead. Don’t wear bulky layers. Measure under the arms, around the fullest part of the bust with only the bra that you will wear with the dress.

NATURAL WAIST – Your natural waistline is approx 1.5 inches (approx 4 cm) above the belly button. An easy way to find it is to wrap the tape measure around your torso, bend to one side, move the tape measure to the fold you have created by bending, and then hold the measure there while you straighten up. Ensure you are relaxed and not breathing in while the measurement is being taken. 

HIPS – Ensure nothing is in your pockets. Run the measuring tape around the hip/middle of your bottom. Not the hip bones. The tape should be firm but not overly tight.

Length for Tania Olsen dresses

If you measure over 5’9 (approx 180cm) in height, we suggest extra length be ordered. Extra length is set at 4 inches (approx 10cm). Hollow to floor measurement of Tania Olsen dresses is 61 inches (approx 155cm). The “hollow” is the hollow of your neck, or the dip between your collarbones. You will need someone else to take this measurement while you stand looking straight ahead in bare feet. 


NOTE: It is customary for most people to have minor alterations to get a perfect fit. If you are unsure about which size to order please contact us.