Where are you?

You'll find us in Bega, one of the major hubs of the stunning Sapphire Coast of NSW. It's a cruisy 2.5 hour drive from Canberra or scenic 5.5 hour drive from Sydney.

Why not make a weekend of it? Whether you soak up the peace of the country in Bega, Pambula or Tilba, or breathe in the sea air of Merimbula, Tathra or Bermagui, we know you'll fall in love with the Sapphire Coast of NSW. 

Short Point - Merimbula
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When should I start looking for a dress?

We recommend starting to look anywhere between 12 to 8 months prior to your wedding day.

This allows for your dress to be ordered, which can take anywhere between 3 and 5 months to arrive with us. 

It also allows plenty of time for fittings, alterations (even if it's just shortening the hem) and steaming ready for pick up.

I have less than 8 months! Can you still help me?

Absolutely! The following options are available to you if you're short on time:

Rush orders (please note these carry a surcharge)

Buying from stock on hand

Buying off our racks

If you're not sure just give us a call to discuss. We have worked with very tight timeframes of only a few weeks in the past, so we're always happy to help!

How much does a wedding dress cost?

This is sort of like asking how much a new car will cost - there is no one size fits all answer.

What we can tell you though, is that our most inexpensive wedding gown is currently $440, and our most expensive just under $3000.

We offer layby over 4 months (we can stretch to 6 months if you need) or we have Afterpay available if you want to take your gown with you straight away.

Do you hire wedding dresses?

No. There are two reasons why we have made this decision.

The first is that our brides want their dress to fit as well as possible. This often means alterations, including shortening the hem. Reversing these alterations to fit the next person can cause damage, look unsightly or sometimes be impossible.

The second is that wedding gowns go through a lot on your wedding day! We've seen them covered in grass stains, mud, red wine, tanning lotion and make up. We've also seen them torn or damaged.

We would rather help you explore new budget friendly options, including:

Sale dresses

Budget friendly collections (such as deb dresses)

Formal dresses in bridal tones like champagne, nougat, blush or rose gold

How are you different?

We know we're different because we've had so many brides tell us so! We've lost count of the number of brides who have loved their appointment with us for the time & care we take, the variety of gowns we carry, and the amount of advice we share.

We might have a small store in a regional area, but we still carry the latest collections from our brands & have over 35 years of fitting, styling & dressmaking knowledge between us. 

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Do you cater for all sizes?

We carry dresses from s6 to s28 to ensure that most of our brides are able to try on a range of styles.

In October 2023 we were excited to introduce a brand new curved collection with sizes 18 through to 28 so that we can help even more gorgeous brides find their dream dress!


What should I expect from my appointment?

Firstly, we'll ask you to follow a couple of guidelines:

- Please avoid wearing heavy make-up, and please no body make up! It absolutely wrecks the dresses. Light make-up on your face is fine.

- Could you please limit the number of people you bring with you to a maximum of 3? Any more than that starts to get crowded and can become overwhelming & stressful for you. 

- We love children (we have our own!) but we can't really cater for them. Unless you know that your kids will sit happily for an hour, we suggest you come without them if you can. It's just a bit easier on everyone (including them). We are pram friendly though, so you can bring bubby along if you need to.

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A couple of suggestions based on experience:

- Don't be nervous! We're friendly & fun, and we want you to feel relaxed. We will look after you exactly the same regardless of budget, timeframe, body shape, or anything else you can think of. We just ask you to keep an open mind & enjoy the experience!

- Bring along some shapewear, your wedding shoes, or anything else that you may wear on your wedding day that will add to your fitting.

- Tie your hair up or bring a hair clip. Yep, this one sounds crazy, doesn't it? Trust us though - our brides spend more time looking for a hair clip than anything else!

- Be prepared to find your dress! This is especially important if you're travelling. To place an order for your wedding gown we will ask you to pay a deposit, so make sure you are comfortable and prepared to do this.


 Carla (the daughter) & Cate (the mum) 

Deb FAQs

I'm doing my deb with my friends. Can we book a joint appointment?

We're happy for 2 friends to book their deb appointment together, but just ask that you each only bring up to 2 other people with you (ie. a total group of 2 debs plus 4 support people). 

What should I bring?

You really don't need to bring anything, but you might find the following items helpful:

strapless bra
high heels (if you'll be wearing them for your deb)
hair tie (helps to keep your hair out of the way when we're doing up the dresses)

What NOT to bring:

We kindly ask that you don't bring food & drinks (water is fine) into store
Please don't wear excessive make up and please no body make up/self tan

What are your payment options?

Layby: 25% deposit followed by 3 equal monthly instalments. No fees apply.
Pay the full amount upfront - EFTPOS, cash or bank transfer accepted.

Still need answers? Feel free to call Carla on 0401 645 787 or email carla@ccbridal.com.au