Planning a wedding... in the time of Covid

Planning a wedding... in the time of Covid

As we all start to settle into the "new normal" that is this time of covid, I feel the need to acknowledge what this new normality looks like from where I sit. 
Which means I need to up my blog game. Probably not hard given that this is only my second blog!

What Is Normal?

Chances are, "normal" for most brides now looks a bit like this:
"My wedding needs to be a socially distant, time/location/size flexible, budget conscious event that may be affected by businesses trying to trade through their own logistical & financial uncertainty.
Oh, and it's going to be the best day of my life."
Sound familiar? If so, read on my poor bride-to-be, cause I'm here to help (at least with The Dress!)
Vera Silk Bridal Face Mask by Tania Marias

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With the weather warming up & the restrictions cooling off, we're seeing our diary filling up with bridal appointments again. 

These beautiful brides-to-be are coming in with little certainty about the future, except that they are getting married come rain, hail or global pandemic. 
To make sure of this, they are accepting a new style of wedding: smaller, more relaxed, easily changed & cheaper.
And the biggest change?
For many, they will now plan their wedding over 3 months, instead of 18. 

Which means we, as a bridal store, are changing too.

Sand, sea & those closest to you. This beautiful setting created by Kara at

What's changing?

Traditionally, you - a bride - would come to your appointment, choose the style you loved & order your gown, which would then take anywhere between 12 & 18 weeks to arrive. 
You can, and may still have to, do this with certain styles.
But, as our suppliers adapt to this new world, we have access to growing stock on hand lists.
This means you could have your wedding gown within days or weeks, instead of months.
We are also increasing the number of new gowns on our racks, giving you the chance to leave your appointment with your gorgeous new dress. 

And, for those who can't or don't want to spend big, you'll find a growing collection of beautiful wedding dresses under $1000. 

Just one of the stunning wedding gowns available in our Tania Olsen collection for under $1000

Any other advice?

Think outside the box, particularly if you are eloping or having a very small outside wedding.

You don't have to wear white or ivory. You don't even have to wear a wedding gown!

Many formal dresses come in shades of champagne or blush & even have a small train. Paired with a long veil or bridal jewellery (which we can also help you with) you have a modern bridal look that will suit your modern wedding day. 

For your bridesmaids, keep it simple. Give your tribe a colour palette & theme (rustic, beach, contemporary) & let them go for it. Chances are they will feel more comfortable in a style they have chosen for themselves, & may well wear that dress again.

Or consider a multiway dress that can be wrapped in countless different ways, is easier to size, & is hemmed with a pair of scissors. Check out this amazing dress in our Tania Olsen collection.

Silver Linings

For the traditional bride, these times are not ideal & we truly feel for you.
But, in some ways, it's not all bad.
Pre-covid weddings were in danger of becoming too much about the event & not enough about the love. If nothing else, this pandemic has reminded us that love is more important than anything else. 
Don't sweat the small stuff, ask for help if you need it & don't lose sight of what your wedding day is about...
...the start of the rest of your lives together.

All that really matters is the love. A beautiful moment captured by Jamie Way Photography. 

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